Frequently Asked Questions – And Their Answers


Here, you will find a number of questions that people often ask about aspects of Falkirk’s history.   These will be added to over time.

Ask us a question and it might find its way onto this page.

How did Falkirk get its name?

What is the story of the Hills of Dunipace?

What is the Tattie Kirk?

What was Arthur’s O’on?

Where was the Wallace (1298) Battle fought?

Where were the Falkirk Trysts Held?

Why a Pineapple at Dunmore?

Why are Falkirk people called “Bairns”?

You can add your question about Falkirk’s history here :

One thought on “FAQs

  1. Trying to find the link to Rev. John Lindsey Robertson and Avonbridge Associate Burger Church. We have a black marble Mantle clock with Corinthian Columns that was gifted to him at this church in 1888. We are wondering how it came to be in the United States. We purchased it in the state of Mississippi in 2005. Would love to know if there are any living kin who know any history of this beautiful clock. Thank you for your help.


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