Falkirk Banking Company

1787-1826 In the late 18th century Falkirk was the centre of trade to the richest part of the county of Stirling.  It had many extensive distilleries, tanworks, collieries, and foundries, and there was much businesses carried on in the grain trade.  Its equidistance between Edinburgh and Glasgow, and its proximity to the ports of Bo’ness […]

Professional Photographers in Falkirk

Images bring local history to life and without them it would be a very dull subject.  Drawings, paintings and photographs have been used to record the passing of time in the Falkirk district for centuries.  They depict places, people, and events.  Those images contemporaneous with the period that they record contain much incidental information and […]

Cannon Made in Falkirk

The present location of ordnance made in Falkirk

Falkirk Town Centre 2

Starting at the Steeple, the walk follows the the blue route map numbered 1-11. 1.  The Steeple: The present Steeple is the third to occupy this site.  The first was built during the late 16th or early 17th century, but by 1697 it had become dangerous and was demolished.  The replacement survived until 1803, when damage to […]

Callendar House – A History

The substantial history of the owners of Callendar House and estate is admirably covered by a number of authors and so only an overview is included here.  Chief amongst the earlier writers was Edwin Livingston who documents in considerable detail the doings of the Livingston family.  He was particularly fascinated by the events of the […]