Adopted at the First AGM in April 1982

1.  Name:  The name of the organisation shall be ‘The Falkirk Local History Society’, hereinafter referred to as the  Society.

2.  Status:  The Society shall be an independent, voluntary body, pursuing its aims by charitable means. It shall have no religious or political affiliations.

3. Objects:  The objects of the Society shall be:

(a)  to stimulate and promote within the Falkirk area, an  interest in history, archaeology and related fields.
(b)  to monitor the condition of historic buildings or places and  to draw the attention of the appropriate authorities and the public to any threat of damage or deterioration.
(c)   to collect and record information related to local historical  studies and to display or otherwise make such material available  to researchers or the general public.
(d)   to publish articles and books on local historical topics.
(e)   to hold regular meetings of members on historical topics which will be open to the public.

4.  Membership:  Membership  is open to all who share the Society’s objects.

5.  Subscriptions:  Subscriptions shall be determined at the Annual General Meeting.

6.  Honorary Members:  Honorary membership may be conferred on distinguished persons as recommended by the Committee of the Society and approved at an Annual General Meeting.

7.  Committee:  The Committee shall consist of a Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer  and  three other members of the Society.  Additional members may be co-opted to this committee and other named positions (e.g.  Membership Secretary, Editor, Publications Officer) may be created from time to time as the need arises.  The office bearers shall be elected at an AGM for a period of two years and committee members for one year. All will be eligible for re-election.  The Committee shall meet from time to time to transact Society business.  Four members shall form a quorum provided two are office bearers.

8.  Meetings: Ordinary meetings of members will take place each month from September to May inclusive one of which will be designated the Annual General Meeting.

9.  Constitution: No alterations to this constitution can be made except by majority vote at an Annual General Meeting.