What is the Tattie Kirk?

   The octagonal Tattie Kirk stands just off the Cow Wynd across from the entrance to Booth Place. It was built in 1806 for the so called Anti-Burgher congregation itself a breakaway from the Erskine or Original Secession Church..  The building has not been used as a church since 1879, when the congregation moved to Grahams Road Church.  It has since been used as a joiner’s workshop and a store.  The adjoining graveyard, which contains many interesting stones, went out of use in 1869.  Octagonal Churches, while unusual, are not unknown in Scotland and they are said to have been built this way so that there was no corner for the Devil to hide in!  Why the building is known as the ‘Tattie’ Kirk is uncertain, but it has been suggested that the site may have been a potato field before the church was built, or that the Minister’s stipend was paid in part in vegetables or that it was at one time used to store potatoes.

Ian Scott (2005)