Millfield House



      Millfield was built in the mid 19th century by John Millar who was the chief civil engineer for the Edinburgh and Glasgow railway company. He later took over as Secretary of the North British Railway Company and became as a result a wealthy and powerful man in Scottish commercial life. He spent a lot of this money and a great deal of time on the Millfield house and estate with its gardens, trees, waterfalls and bridges. The Polmont Burn ran north-south through the policies and there was a bowling green, a bleaching green, a sun dial, a pond, a water tower and a little graveyard near the main road where the Texaco Garage stands. 

      In 1870 the house was sold to Thomas Campbell and then to the Stein family whose firebrick company had works in High Bonnybridge, Allandale and Manuel. The family remained at Millfield until it passed into the hands of the developers in the 1960s. The house was demolished and the estate built over though the actual site of the building remains untouched, a hidden gem lying to the west of Millfield Drive.

Ian Scott (2005)