St. Mary’s

 Roman Catholic Chapel, Slamannan

NS 6653 7038; NS 8536 7300 St Mary's RC Chapel

1881: Mass said in a private house in Slamannan.

1883: Ground purchased for a chapel.

1885: Church building completed at Barnsmuir near the Black Loch, named St. Mary’s, to serve the mining community which had arisen in that area.  Designed by George Fortune of Duns.   Opened on 11th October, the chapel-school could accommodate 400 for mass or 180 children.

1888: Slamannan became a separate charge.

1923: Charge entrusted to Longriggend.

1930: Charge returned to Falkirk.

1939: Slamannan became a separate charge again.

 1959-1960:  New church built in Bank Street, it is a low structure with white rendered walls carrying angled buttresses to support a low-pitched felted roof.  The south gable fronts Bank Street and contains the double-door entrance over which was a simple belfry.  Cost £4,600.

1968: The building was badly burnt in an arson attack.

1970s: Mass also said in Avonbridge Welfare Hall on Sundays.

1989: Church closed.

2003: Occasional masses held.

2010: Church sold.


1958: 15 Binniehill Road used as manse.

1960: Built on the same plot as the new church, to its north-east.


1960: To seat 128.




1885         Mackenzie, C.C. (St. Francis Xavier)  1887

                 Mullen, George                                    Nov 1889

                 O’ Carrall, Thomas                              1895

1895         Mason, George                                    1898

1898         McOscar, James                                  1903

1903         O’Brian, Francis                                    Dec 1906

1907         McDonald, James                                Sep 1912

1912         Hart, Dominic                                       1913

1913         Burns, Peter John                                1914

1914         Rattrie, Robert J

                 Delaney, Richard                                  May 1919

1919         Morrison, Edward                                 1923

1923 –1929     Served by the priest at Longrigend.

1931 –1940    Served by the priest at Falkirk.

Feb 1940     McGloin, Patrick                                 Apr 1940

Apr 1940     O’Leary, Patrick                                  1943

1943            McGeown, John                                 1947

                    McCallum, John

1955            O’Donnell, Bernard G                         1962

1962            Jackson, Michael                                19

                    Gallacher, Peter                                 1968

1968             Neilson, Angus                                  1969

1969             Foley, Daniel


Geoff B. Bailey (2016)