Shieldhill Church

Shieldhill Church (SMR 1454)

NS 8994 7686

1860    Shieldhill Free Church                         1900

1900    Shieldhill United Free Church             1929

1929    Shieldhill Church of Scotland             1963

1963    Blackbraes & Shieldhill Church of Scotland


1860: Meetings in a house in the Old Row.  In 1863 a congregation of 20 met in the schoolroom at the Old Engine and then Carlow’s barn.

1866: Established as a mission station by St. Andrews Free Church, Falkirk, and a church building erected on the north side of Main Street.  The main body of the church lies perpendicular to the street, with the south gable fronting it.  There is one pointed window on either side before transepts, which are of the same height occur one either side at the north end.  Each gable contains three pointed lancet windows, and that on the south is surmounted by a simple belfry.  The south and east gables have plain skews.  A small porch lies in the angle between the nave and the east transept.  The south gable is composed of snecked rubble, whereas the remainder of the fabric is of random rubble.  Cost £500.  38 people took part in the first communion.

1890: Created a church in its own right and enlarged in 1894.

Mission hall at Blackbraes.

1958: 16th Feb. Linked with Polmont South Church.

1961:  Linked with Polmont North Church on 10th September on the same date as the link with Polmont South was terminated.

1963: November  1st,  United  under  one  charge  with  Blackbraes  to  become “Blackbraes & Shieldhill Parish Church”.

Hall built along the north side of the church.


1866: Cost £15.


See separate entry for war memorials.


Bain, J Sep 1867
Boag, W.G Nov 1869
Beattie, I Dec 1883

     Apr 1884

Walker, James Jun 1887

Aug 1890

Kerr, Alexander Fleming Sep 1907

Oct 1907

McIver, Roderick Jul  1915

Dec 1915

Murray, David Cross 1918

Dec 1918

Watson, Alexander Macdonald 1922

Jul 1922

Bathgate, Alexander Plenderleith Jul 1929


Grant, James Robb 1933

Feb 1933

Verral, Barnard Pearce 1936

Dec 1936

Waugh, James Jan 1938

May 1938

Watt, George Lowson Jul 1943

Feb 1964

McGinty, Joseph Walter Sep 1970

May 1971

Neill, William George Apr 1975


Patterson, John M Oct 1987


McMullin, J Andrew

G.B. Bailey (2019)