War Memorials in Churches etc.


War Memorials in churches, schools, works and other public buildings

In 2014 and for the following five years we will be commemorating the events associated with the First World War.  The ramifications of the war were immense and are still reflected in modern society.  There are still tangible physical markers to the devastation reaped on the population of the Falkirk district – memorials that were designed to remind us of the cost in human lives and suffering.  War memorials were erected in every town and village in prominent, often tranquil, locations.  These form the focus of communal remembrance.

The men and women who served during the war were often members of smaller close-knit groups, such as churches, clubs or works.  These too were concerned to preserve the memory of the contribution made to the great fight for liberty and freedom.  The memorials tend to be smaller in scale, and offer a greater diversity in form.  They range from bronze or stone plaques, to iron gates, stained glass windows, beds in hospitals, paper scrolls, books and furniture such as tables.  They are generally less accessible than the village memorials and so we hope that by bringing them together in this inventory we can highlight their role in the community’s expiation of the horrors of war.  Second World War memorials have been included as part of the same project.

The work of collecting and collating the information is being undertaken by Geoff Bailey, Keeper of Archaeology & Local History, based in Callendar House.  At this stage it is a “work in progress” and we would welcome help from the public.  If you are able to contribute to the material we would be pleased to hear from you – contact geoff.bailey@falkirkcommunitytrust.org

We have also been in touch with groups, such as Falkirk Old and St Modan’s Church, and Larbert Church, who are compiling information about the people on these memorials.  This is a lengthy process and may take several years.  The individuals listed on the memorials were not just names and so we hope to be able to incorporate this additional information into the records over the coming years.

The website will be updated at regular intervals to keep everyone informed of the progress of the work.

The inventory has been laid out more or less according to the old parishes, that is:

AirthAirth United Free Church Roll of Honour

Bo’ness –  Bo’ness Old Parish Church War Memorial

Carriden Parish Church

St Andrews Bo’ness Roll of Honour

Craigmailen Church War Memorial

BothkennarBothkennar _Parish Church War Memorial

DennyDenny Parish Church War Memorial

Denny West Church War Memorial

St. Alexander’s Church War Memorials

Dunipace Parish Church War Memorial

Dunipace UF Church War Memorial

Bonnybridge Parish Church War Memorials

Broompark Church War Memorial

Carrongrove Papermill Roll of Honour

Denny Ironworks Roll of Honour

Dunipace School Roll of Honour

Lodge Dolphin, Bonnybridge Roll of Honour

FalkirkFalkirk Old and St Modan’s Parish Church War Memorial

Bainsford Church War Memorial

Bainsford Church Font War Memorial

Bainsford Church Roll of Honour

Camelon Irving Church and St. Johns Church War Memorials

Falkirk Baptist Church Roll of Honour

Falkirk Christ Church War Memorial

Falkirk Erskine Church Roll of Honour

Falkirk Erskine Church War Memorial

Falkirk EU Church War Memorial

Falkirk Grahams Road Church War Memorial

Falkirk St Andrews Church Roll of Honour

Falkirk St Andrew’s Church War Memorial

Falkirk St James Church War Memorial

Falkirk West Church War Memorials

Falkirk Officers Roll of Honour I

Falkirk Officers Roll of Honour II

Falkirk Infirmary Memorial Gates

Falkirk High School War Memorial

Falkirk Iron Company War Memorial

Carmuirs Merchant Navy War Memorial

Callendar Estate Roll of Honour

Lodge Callendar Roll of Honour

Lodge Callendar War Memorial

Carron Company Roll of Honour

Lodge Carron Roll of Honour

Comely Park School Roll of Honour

Laurieston School Roll of Honour

Laurieston School War Memorial

Portdownie Ironworks Roll of Honour

GrangemouthKerse Church (now Abbotsgrange) Roll of Honour

Kerse Church (now Abbotsgrange) War Memorial

Charing Cross Church War Memorials

Dundas Church War Memorial

Grangemouth West Church War Memorials

St Mary’s Episcopalian Church War Memorial

Zetland Parish Church War Memorial

Muirheads Woodyard War Memorial

Grangemouth Rechabite Hall War Memorial

SCWS Soap Works Roll of Honour

LarbertLarbert Parish Church War Memorial

Larbert West Church War Memorial

Stenhouse Parish Church War Memorial

Carron UF Church War Memorial

Stenhousemuir Cricket Club War Memorial

Tryst Golf Club War Memorial

Muiravonside – Muiravonside Parish Church Roll of Honour

Blackbraes Lodge of the Loyal Order of Ancient Shepherds Roll of Honour

California Church Roll of Honour

PolmontPolmont Old Parish Church War Memorial

Wallacestone Methodist Church War Memorial

Reddingmuir Lodge of the Loyal Order of Ancient Shepherds War Memorial

SlamannanHeroes’ Park War Memorial

Slamannan School Roll of Honour