Grangemouth Swimming Pool

Grangemouth Swimming Pool(1)

      When opened in July 1924 the pool was 150ft by 45ft with a depth of 6ft at one end and 3ft at the other.  It was edged by a raised kerb and surrounded by a fence, within which were steps and handrails to assist the swimmers.  Dressing rooms were provided in the form of disused railway vans.

      The complex was upgraded in the 1930s and the pool was surrounded by single storey rooms along three sides and an enclosing wall on the south.  Facing the pool these rooms were for changing, with offices in the corners.  The flat roof above them served as a balcony, having a brick parapet wall to the outer side and concrete post and tubular rails inwards.  The finish was in good engineering brick with harled panels.  On the north side of the pool two steel girder flights of steps met at a central diving platform on a level with the balcony, to which they also provided access.  The parapet rose to a shallow gablet behind the diving platform and supported a flagstaff.  Further steps in its height occurred at the corners to produce turret-like features.  The balcony floor extended over open brick-pillared shelters inset into the outside of the building between the offices.  The main entrance was in the centre of the north facade and had a lofty brick arch.  Narrow horizontal slit windows served the changing rooms, with larger windows for the offices.

Zetland Park Swimming Pool from Orchard

Zetland Swimming Pool from the Orchard

      In October 1971 a new indoor swimming pool was completed on the other side of the Grange Burn and a year later the old pool was demolished.

Geoff Bailey (2016)