Falkirk St. Modan’s Parish Church

Falkirk St Modan's Church(SMR 208)

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1896: The minister of the Meek’s Road Evangelical Union Church and several of his congregation had a difference.   He and nearly 100 of his congregation were admitted into the established church in May the following year.   They held services in the Masonic Hall, the Old Baptist Church in Melville Street and were then offered the old Free Church building free of charge.

1897: The new congregation bought the old Evangelical Union building in Bank Street for £1,300 and named it St. Modan’s in honour of the sixth century saint.

1915: New church built in Cochran Street to the design of P. MacGregor Chalmers in the grounds of Rosehall.  First sod cut in March 1914 by Graeme Whitelaw; foundation stone laid by Lord Glenconner October 1914; and the church dedicated in December 1915 by Rev D. Paul, moderator of the General Assembly.    The style is distinctly Norman.   It is well executed in a cream coloured stone set in courses, snecked rubble with ashlar dressings externally and dressed inside the building.  The nave is aligned N-S.   Large columns dominate the interior and separate the nave from the aisles. Each pillar is differently carved.    The clerestory supports an open timber barrel-roof. Over the four doorways into the nave are carved texts from the Bible, and others occur below the clerestory windows.   At the north end an apsidal recess contained the communion table and seats for elders. The arches in the sedilia of the apse are not true arches.   A smaller apse, at the northern end of the west aisle, contained the baptismal font.   The choir stalls, pews and other furniture were of oak, including the pulpit which had a freestone base.  The builder for the work was John Gardner. Cost £5000

1923: Quad sacra parish created.

1929: Hall completed according to a design by Jeffrey Waddell, Glasgow, who had worked with MacGregor Chalmers on the church building.

1986: United with Falkirk Old in October.

1990: Hall demolished.

1991: Church building converted into flats.


1921: Purchased using a legacy.


1915: Communion table given by the ladies of the congregation;  baptismal font by the children, collecting bags by the Rambler’s Club; engraved alms plates by Mr and Mrs Pryde; clock by Nicolson, jeweller; brass vases by the bible class.

1936: Pipe organ installed by Hill, Norman and Beard Ltd.


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1915: Designed for 750.


Nov 1897

Jackson, Robert Winchester 1899

Aug 1899

McLean, John D. Jan 1905

Apr 1905

Simpson, William Aug 1909

Oct 1910

Pryde, John Marshall 1916

Nov 1917

Spence, John 1921

Jun 1921

Watt, Thomas Meikle 1926


Brown, William R. 1932

Dec 1932

Scott, James Pringle Oct 1945
Campbell, Neil Sep 1972

Jan 1973

Foster, Graham Watson

Jan 1979

Smith, Ronald W. 1986

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