Laurieston Reformed Presbyterian Church

(SMR 831)

NS 9099 7941

MacMillanite Church



1784 Laurieston Reformed Presbyterian Church1876
1876Laurieston Free Church 1900
1900Laurieston United Free Church 1929
1929Laurieston West Church of Scotland 1945

1784: A petition for a disjunction by members of the eastern area of the Stirling congregation of the Reformed Presbyterian Church was accepted in November.  Laurieston being central to the seven parishes said to be involved was chosen as the site for the new church.

1788: First minister ordained.

1789:  Church built in James Street, but communion still held on the Knowe (which included “Congregation Hall” now part of Callendar Park) in the open in August.  These occasions became like fair days for the village.

1863:  Larger church rebuilt on the same site at a cost of £770.  It had long sandstone steps facing the south, on each side of the door was a tall arched window.  There were four large rectangular windows built into the east and west walls and a further two in the back gable.  The architect was Binnie of Glasgow and the contractors also came from Glasgow.  Opened October.

Old building opposite the church used as a hall.

Large church hall built.

1924: Re-opened after renovation.

1945: United with the Parish Church and West Church sold.


1820s: Erected on part of the Knowe.


1863: 500.


Jul 1788Reid, JohnDec 1820
Mar 1822Young, HughApr 1862
Feb 1864 Symington, Andrew1869
Mar 1870 Hunter, JamesAug 1920
Oct 1920 Ross, John HerbertDec 1925
Apr 1926 Whyte, JamesJun 1936
May 1937 Paxton, William FimisterApr 1945

G.B. Bailey, 2019