Falkirk Methodist Church

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Grahamston Wesleyan Methodist Church


Methodism in the Falkirk area probably arose as a result of an influx of workers from England to the Carron Works.   By 1769 they worshipped in the Masonic Lodge, Silver Row.

1849:  Falkirk was the responsibility of Wallacestone Methodist Circuit. Three Falkirk foundry workers had to travel to Wallacestone and so the following year a Mr Bibb held meetings in his house in Grahams Road.

These meetings were successful and soon they rented a hall in Dalderse Avenue.  When this was demolished they returned to Bibb’s house, then a hall in Russell Street, and thence to one in Bank Street.

1861: Meetings at the Corn Exchange.

1862-5: Cistern Lane Chapel used for meetings.

1873: Building on the corner of Grahams Road and Dalderse Ave.

1874: Church in Church Street, Grahamston. Schoolroom.

1876: Noted in Wallacestone Circuit  Minutes of Meeting of Trustees that the Minister preach Morning and Afternoon at Wallacestone and at Falkirk at night.

1882: Population of Falkirk having risen to 18,000, Wallacestone Circuit Meeting of Trustees agreed that “Mr. Branley <Chairman of the Scotland District> be asked to look about for a suitable person to minister under the Superintendence of the Minister at Wallacestone, to the Church at Grahamstone”

1892: New church built in James Street, on the corner of Russel Street.  Eleven foundation stones laid June 1892 in the former orchard of the cottage belonging to a Mrs Drysdale.  Plans were submitted by Mr Black who estimated the cost at c£2,000.   However, the architect chosen for the job appears to have been James Strang.   The design was Gothic in style and included minister’s and manager’s vestries behind the church, which had two entrances and four exits.

1893: Old building in Church Street sold.

1895:  April, five foundation stones laid for a new hall to accommodate 500 people at an estimated cost of £800.

1935: With  Wallacestone and Stirling Methodist churches, part of Central Scotland Circuit.

1972: Union with Grahamston Parish Church and Grahams Road Church and Trinity Congregation to form Grahamston United (Ecumenical) Church.

1970s: James Street building demolished.


1894: Pulpit of pitch pine.


The centrepiece of one of the windows donated by Provost Griffiths.


1875: 120

1892: 400


Jun 1853

McCallum, Gilbert

April 1881

Taylor, Andrew Ross 1882
Caine Aug 1882


Summerhill, A.J Aug 1883
Watson, G. Evans
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Sharp Sep 1885

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Harrison 1891?
Hayton, George May 1896
Mee May 1899

Sep 1899

Jamieson Aug 1904

Sep 1804

Swithenbank, Seth
Watson, Evans George Aug 1910

Sep 1910

Smith, Sydney Aug 1913

Sep 1921

Mathewman, John Aug 1924

Sep 1924

Hines, F Leonard Aug 1927

Sep 1927

Thompson, J Hartley Apr 1929


Stocker, S.W. 1931

May 1931

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Additional information from University of Manchester John Ryelands University Library

G.B. Bailey & J.M. Young (2019)