Blairlodge Chapel

Map of Blairlodge School(SMR 1210)

NS 9199 7805


1843: Free Church congregation assembled at Blairlodge School, with Rev Robert Cunningham the headmaster there as moderator.

1892: Special services had been held at Polmont Parish Church for the pupils of Blairlodge School, but two members of the congregation there objected due to their Episcopal nature.  Rev W Ross was therefore asked to conduct the services at the school gymnasium.  The headmaster, Mr J Cooke-Gray, then had a small chapel built at the school and the services, open to the public, continued there.  It was in the Gothic style, nearly square being about 65ft each way due to the site being fitted into the northern end of the school and surrounded on three sides by existing structures.  To break up the wide span of the interior, a nave and aisles were adopted, with two rows of columns.  It was lighted by roof lights in the aisles and by rows of clerestory windows along each side of the nave.  There were also two pointed windows in the gable facing north.  Carved ribs sprung from the circular pillars.  There was a small gallery at one end of the building to accommodate visitors.  Electric lighting.  Capable of holding 630 people.  A & W Black, architects.

Education had to do with the souls as well as the minds of men.

G.B. Bailey (2019)