The Schools of Airth & Bothkennar Parishes

The small rural parishes of Airth and Bothkennar each had its own parochial school initially located close to the parish churches.  However, as the population moved away from the churches the schools tended to follow them.  At Airth, the port developed in the 17th century but there was a considerable time lapse before the school was located there, and even then it was encouraged to do so by the owner of Airth Castle who wanted it away from his residence.  At Bothkennar, a mining community arose at Skinflats in the mid 19th century and, as there was no other centre of population other than Carronshore, most of which village lay within Larbert Parish, the school was rebuilt near the colliers’ rows.

The sizes of the populations of the parishes were relatively stable and so when the school boards were formed in 1873 little additional work was at first required and the rates remained low.  The development of an industrial port at South Alloa and the belief that it would expand far more than it actually did, led to the construction of a brand new school at Kersie in 1875.  The failure of that port to thrive and the subsequent depopulation of these parishes led to the closure of Kersie and Bothkennar Schools.  The ancient burgh of Airth, on the other hand, has seen recent growth in its housing and the school there has expanded.

The following schools are covered in this inventory:

Airth Parish

Bothkennar Parish

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