Bo’ness Anti-Burgher Church

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Map of Borrowstounness
1855 OS map Linlithgowshire 1.7 (Borrowstounness).


1762    General Associate Congregation of Bo’ness  1820

1762: A barn at Little Carriden used as a meeting place.

1764: Congregation moved to a property acquired from the Sea Box Society for £20 on the site later occupied by Charlotte Square.  The building needed exten­sive reconstruction.   This became known as the Easter Meeting House.  The people from Bo’ness occupied the west end of the building, those from Carriden the east, and the communion tables were placed in the centre.

1770: Session house built to north-east of the meeting house.

1810: Porch added on south.

1823: Congregation amalgamated with the Burgher Church.  In 1832 the building was let for 58 years to Shaw, Syme and Jamieson, then, in 1890, it was sold and the proceeds divided between the Bo’ness and Linlithgow United Presbyterian church­es.  On the 1855 OS map it is shown as a ruin.


1766: The yard to the north of the meeting house was initially sewn with crops but later it was agreed to use it as a burial ground.


Aug 1766Clelland, ThomasAug 1794
1799CarmichaelApr 1806
Apr 1808Thomson, JamesFeb 1812

G.B. Bailey (2019)