Bo’ness Pavilion

Main Street, Grangepans

In March 1916 it was noted that Louis Dickson had new premises in course of construction at Grangepans (Linlithgow Gazette 24 March 1916, 3) and it was opened by Provost Grant in February 1919.  It was run by him in tandem with the Hippodrome and seems to have been used exclusively for screening films.  However, in 1922 Dickson chose not to re-apply for the cinema license for the premises and it was then used for meetings such as the miners’ union or political rallies.  It closed before the Second World War, when the building was used by the Sea Scouts.  After the Star Theatre was gutted by fire in 1945, Dickson considered re-opening the Pavilion, but nothing happened, probably because he could not get seats for it.  It was included in the purchase of the Hippodrome in February 1946 by the Caledonian Associated Cinemas.   However, it stood empty until 1952 when the Sea Scouts were again allowed to make use of the building.  It was demolished sometime around 1960.

Pavilion Cinema          SMR2220        NT 008 815

G.B. Bailey (2021)