Hollandbush School

Illus 1: The 1859/65 Ordnance Survey Map showing the physical relationship between Hollandbush and Haggs Schools (National Library of Scotland).

The school at Hollandbush (Hollinbush on the 1st edition Ordnance Survey map) was located on the north side of the main road from Bonnybridge to Kilsyth, a little to the west of Banknock House and only 400m west of the parochial school at Haggs.  Hollandbush School belonged to the United Presbyterian Church and was used as a preaching station of Dennyloanhead Church.

Illus 2: 1860/62 Ordnance Survey Map (National Library of Scotland).

In 1860 the Ordnance Surveyors describe it as :

A school situated in the village of Hollinbush in connection with the U.P.  Congregation.  Average number of scholars, males 50, females 35, total 85.   Subscription salary £20.  The rudimentary branches of education are taught.”

Money for running the school was raised by a series of concerts and entertainments.  With the passing of the 1872 Education Act it would seem that the school closed and the pupils attended the schools provided by the Denny School Board or by the Kilsyth Landward School Board, the former at Longcroft and the latter at Banton.  As always in such situations, there were bitter disputes between the neighbouring Boards.  The old building continued to be used by the Sabbath School

In 1899 the Kilsyth Landward Board abandoned its unproductive negotiations with Denny and built a temporary school at Hollandbush which opened on 8 January 1900.  It was located on the north side of the main road a small distance west of the earlier school, a little east of the Hollandbush Inn.  Miss Margaret Johnstone was appointed as the teacher in charge.

The number of pupils rose steadily and soon outstripped the accommodation available.  In 1901 it was noted that seven of them came from Cumbernauld parish and four from Denny parish.  Miss Jane McGill was added to the staff at Hollandbush.  A new “permanent” school was required and was opened on 7 March 1903 as Banknock School.

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