Bothkennar Parish

Here are listed the churches and ecclesastical buildings within the boundaries of the Bothkennar Parish

Bothkennar Parish Church

Stained Glass in Bothkennar Parish Church



NS 898 838

“Near  to  the Kirk,  about a pair of butts North West,  is  the  Nunyeards,  a Nunnerie,  in the time of popery, but now there is not any vestige of building, but  a little country house with a yeard such as are usual in that countrey for tenants.”  

(Johnstoun of Kirkland).  

The site is probably that now known as Kirkton.  The name probably arises due to the ownership of this piece of ground by a nunnery rather than the presence of the nunnery itself on the site.



NS 896 836

A meeting house is shown to the south of Kirkton on a plan of c1765 (RHP 1497B).