Blackness Episcopalian Church

Blackness Episcopalian Church
Blackness Church looking south-east.


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St Ninian’s Church

Blackness Episcopalian Church

Blackness St Ninian’s Mission Church


A church at Blackness was used as the chapel for the garrison at the Castle.


1914:  Mission church built to the designs of J P Goodsir on land bought from the Marquis of Linlithgow.  It is relatively plain with grey-harled walls, and a slate roof rising to an octagonal steeple in the centre. The pointed windows suggested the Norman style.   It was used by the garrison of Blackness Castle.  It was designed to seat 200, but to be readily extended if necessary.  Cost around £700.  James Thomson was the architect in charge.  The Episcopalian mission closed in April 1949.

1952: Early in 1952 Carriden Church bought the Blackness building using a loan of £200 from the Church of Scotland Central Funds and carried out extensive refurbishment.


A ship model called the “Knowe” was donated by the Liddle family who lived at the Knowe in Erngarth Road, Bo’ness.  It is of recent origin.

1952: War memorial baptismal font.

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