Grange Church

(SMR 1854 & 275)

 NS 9220 8230

NS 9298 8185


1855    Grange United Presbyterian Church              1900

1900    Grange United Free Church               1929

1929    Grange Church of Scotland               1991

1853: As  a  result  of  a petition a preaching  station  was  established  in Grangemouth by the Erskine Church of Falkirk.

1855: First minister ordained to conduct worship in the Old Town Hall.

1859: New church built at the SE end of Grange Street next to the timber basins at a cost of £1,900.

1865: Galleries erected?

1883: Seating re-arranged and interior painted.   Free Church hall used during these renovations.

1900: Congregation moved to Y.M.C.A. building.

Grange Church Park Street

1903:  New church opened at the corner of Park Road and Ronaldshay Crescent; the old church being converted to a working men’s home.

1967: Old church demolished.

1990: October.  Union with Old Parish Church agreed.

1991: Church closed, the last service having taken place in March.  Building subsequently converted to flats.


1870: Built.


Cast by John C. Wilson, Glasgow.


1859: To seat 500.

1883: Seating re-arranged.


Oct 1859Lambie, John M.Mar 1892
Dec 1892Hamilton, Robert1912
1912Carmichael, David Gordon1918
1918Smillie, George Anderson1921
Mar 1922Garvie, James BeatsonApr 1932
Oct 1932Maclean, Roderick MathesonOct 1934
Apr 1935Carter, John KenleyApr 1942
Oct 1942Rattray, George RamsayJan 1940
Apr 1950Keillor, James1954
Dec 1954Lyall, William Ryrie198
 MacKinnon, Elaine WrightDec 1990

G.B. Bailie (2019)