Falkirk Congregational Church

First Independent Congregational Church of Falkirk


Bank Street Congregational ChurchSMR 582 NS 8884 8000
NS 8889 8003


1798: William Burns printed a paper indicating that he intended to build a chapel by subscription.

1802: Ground in Bank Street feued from William Balloch, flesher, for the erection of a church.  Plain church built.

1803: Pastor ordained.   New title deeds stating that the Trustees were to incur the expenses of fitting up and keeping the church in repair.

1812: Fresh title deeds made out due to differences amongst the congregation.

1835: The Congregational Church ceased functioning and the building sold to the Baptists (until 1842 when it was used by Evangelical Union Congregation).   The congregation then went to Linlithgow Congregational Church, although some joined the Erskine.

1841: Preacher temporarily in Falkirk.

1843: Meetings in Rankine’s Folly Assembly Rooms.

1846: Activities ceased again.

1852:  Joined by a part of the Evangelical Uunion Church who possessed the building to the north of Bank Street.

1852:   Bank Street Congregational Church

1874: Church re-opened after alterations.

1897, Nov: Final service in the Bank Street Church.

1898, May: The U.P.  Church agreed to take in the minister and congregation.  Meetings initially held in Melville Street, and then the new St. James’ Church in Thornhill Road.


  • 1802: 2-300
  • 1852: 1000


Nov 1803 Caldwell, Robert1813
1815 Edwards, John1819
May 1822 MacKenzie, David Bisset1833
1840 Mann, JamesJan 1845
1845 M’Nab, William1846
1853 Wilson, William1857
1859 M’Lean, James1866
Dec 1867 Anderson, JohnApr 1888
May 1888 Buchan, John D.May 1898
 Combined with U.P. 

G.B. Bailey (2019)