James Hendrie

James Hendrie or Hendry, clockmaker, Falkirk, is very probably the same who, in August 1750, was paid the sum of £1 10s by Falkirk Kirk-Session “for mending the Kirk Knock”.  

He is mentioned in the Kerse Papers in 1759 and 1764. Three specimens of his work – were known to Love – one with James Haddow, merchant, Springbank, and another with James Nimmo. Coalmaster, Edinburgh. The latter belonged to the forbears of Mrs Nimmo (the Duncans of Linlithgow), in whose family it had been for four generations. It is not improbable that James Hendrie had some connection in the early part of his life with the parish of Muiravonside, as in the graveyard there may be seen a large flat stone on the east side of the church, bearing the following inscription;-

“This is in Remembrance of the deceased children of James Hendry’s, watchmaker Falkirk.”  Unfortunately the stone bears no date

(Love 1908 vol 1).

1998-40-1 – Brass dial with applied brass fretwork designs; those in the spandrels freaturing central vases from which tendils extend, those in the arch have sea monsters. The central roundel in the arch is engraved “James/ Hendrie/ Falkirk”.

G.B. Bailey, 2021