Denny High School

Illus 2: Aerial Photograph of Denny High School looking east.

Denny High School started with the secondary department of Denny Public School.  Proposals for a separate school had been around since the 1930s but were delayed by the Second World War.  It was 1954 before proposals emerged again, this time for a new school on a new site to accommodate 750-800 pupils.  It was to have 19 classrooms, or 18 classrooms and one general purposes room, plus 22 practical rooms, a head teacher’s office, a woman advisor’s room, a typist’s room, a medical room, staff rooms, a study room for senior pupils, a hall, a dining room, a library, lavatories, storage rooms, cleaners’ stores and a janitor’s room.  A swimming pool was also considered desirable.  The site for this senior secondary school was to be on the west side of the Glasgow-Stirling Road, then part of the Denny Golf Course, on a hill known as “Glowrorum.”  The extensive flat-roofed school was opened in 1959, and was designed and constructed by Alison & Hutchison & Partners.  It had a cruciform plan, with a distinctive steel-framed five-storey glazed tower, latterly picked out in bright yellow.

Illus 3: Aerial Photograph of Denny High School looking north-west.

Denny High School moved to its current building on Herbertshire Fields in February 2009 and the old building was demolished.  The new three-storey school was designed to accommodate 1600 pupils and contains a gymnasium, swimming pool, drama studio and fitness suite.  Ogilvie Construction undertook the Design and Build as the main contractor.  The project was part of the Falkirk Schools PPP and was completed on time in line with a contract programme period of 89 weeks at a cost of around £31 million.  Denny High School is a six year, non-denominational comprehensive school, providing the full range of secondary education.  The school serves the surrounding area of Denny including Dunipace, Bonnybridge, Banknock & Dennyloanhead

Illus 4: The new Denny High School looking west.
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