Elphinstone or Dunmore Tower

Elphinstone Tower stands on rising ground to the west of the Airth to Stirling road nearly opposite the entrance to Dunmore village. It is currently in a dilapidated condition and may not survive for many more winters.   The building was erected around 1510 for Sir John Elphinstone and remained the family home until the estates were sold to the Murrays of Dunmore in 1754.  Thereafter it appears to have been unoccupied until the conversion of the barrel-vaulted lower room into a family mausoleum around 1836.  

      The tower was 57 foot high on a rectangular base, roughly 30 foot by 24 feet.  There is evidence of alteration in the 17th and 19th centuries particularly to the windows  and there was a two storey extension which is shown on the drawing.  This was removed around 1840 to make way for the new St Andrew’s Church.  There were rooms on the first, second and third floors. 

      The Murrays’ connection with the area ended in 1911 and the building has slowly decayed and been subject to vandalism including the tombs.

Ian Scott (2005)