Strachan St., Bantaskine

Illus: Section across the excavation trench. 
1 – stone chippings;
2 – orange-brown clay loam;
3 – dark grey & brown clay loam with coal flecks;
4 – brown clay loam with bricks;
5 – bright orange loamy clay with grey patches.

by G.B. Bailey

The house at 6 Strachan Street (NS 8697 7990) lies on the line of the Rampart of the Antonine Wall and consequently in 2008 became part of the World Heritage Site associated with the Roman frontier.  In 2022 the owners contemplated placing a single storey extension on the south side of the dwelling and so the author was called in to undertake an archaeological excavation to provide information on the stratigraphy in this area in compliance with the Special Panning Guidance for the WHS.  The proposed extension is located just to the south of the linear barrier, in an area often occupied by ancillary structures such as enclosures and expansions.  The excavation was undertaken on 23 April 2022.