Avonbridge Associate Burger Church

NS 9104 7298

Avonbridge Church


Avonbridge Associate Burgher Church1820


Avonbridge United Associate Congregation 
 Avonbridge United Secession Church1847


Avonbridge United Presbyterian Church1900


Avonbridge United Free Church1929


 Avonbridge Church of ScotlandPresent

Although actually located in the old parish of Muiravonside this is included here with the other congregation of Avonbridge.


1803: Avonbridge congregation join the Associate Burgher Synod.   Meetings held in a barn and then a tent placed in a little yard east of Wester Strath farm.  A building was erected the following year at the junction of the Falkirk and Standburn.

1815: Galleries erected to bring the seating capacity to 308.

1889: On 11th September 1899 the foundation stone of a new church building was laid on the site of the old church which had been demolished.   The church was opened in March 1890.  It is Gothic in style, designed by Messrs A and W Black, Falkirk and built by Robert Drysdale, mason, Bo’ness.  It measures 68ft by 31ft, with the west gable fronting the Falkirk Road.  This gable is crowned by a belfry and pierced by a circular window and two double-light windows.   This is complimented by placing an entrance porch on the west end of the south wall.  Both side walls have high pointed windows.   From the vestibule, which contains a  memorial  tablet  commemorating the first two ministers taken from  the  old church,  there are two doors leading to the area of the nave while others  lead to the gallery at the west end.  There is a commodious choir platform and three rows of pews.

To the east of the church a hall was built at the same time, sufficient to accommodate 75 people and the minister’s vestry and conveniences.   The total cost was c£1,500.

Missions   were launched at Crossroads (1889) and Standburn   (1890-1972, transferred to Presbytery 1900-1906, later to Muiravonside).

1970: Ministry linked with Torphichen.


1805: Built on Blackston Road, date stone on chimney stack.

1867: Manse repaired.

1909: New manse built at Strathview (NS 909 731).

1970: Manse sold when link with Torphichen made it surplus to requirements.


1889: Pulpit of stained yellow pine.  John Baird presented the communion plate.


1889: Gifted by the Sabbath school scholars.


1889: Fitted with tinted cathedral glass by O’ May.


1889: Seat 200 plus 60 in the gallery.




Nov 1804

Craig, John 


Brown, John 
 Dodds, Andrew 

Oct 1876

McMillan, Hugh LoganMay 1883

Sep 1883

Robertson, John LindsayApr 1894

Oct 1894

Rouse, James Bannatyne GlassJan 1904

Aug 1904

Garvie, James BeatsonMar 1922

Jun 1922

Linkie, Thomas MuirFeb 1927

May 1927

Gray, William 

Dec 1970

Crichton, Thomas 

Geoff B. Bailey (2016)