Bo’ness Baptist Church

 (SMR 2013 & 2080) 

NT 0054 8160

Bo'ness Baptist Church


1908: Church situated in Grangepans, used Masonic hall – membership of 16 (increased to 60 by 1913).

1916: Meetings in the Grange Institute as well as the Masonic hall in Stewart Ave.

1934: In November a new church building was opened in the converted infant school in South Street, Robert Miller, architect, Falkirk.  The church seated 250, main hall 60 and lesser hall 51.  It also had a vestry, kitchen, and toilets.  The baptismal font to the rear of the pulpit was electrically heated.  Total cost £1,600.

1985: Moved from South Street to new premises in Boundary Street.

Bo'ness Baptist Church New

The building had been built in the 1970s for the Brethren Church.  It has an open format that allows the building to be used for other purposes, such as a nursery or meeting place.


Robert Gardner 1908

Dec 1908

Shanks, Robert D July 1913


Forbes, D.G.

March 1915

Brown, Thomas


Sneddon, Charles Jan 1930

Nov 1930

McBeath, John April 1932

Aug 1933

McMillan, Angus Aug 1690

Nov 1936

Reid, James Oct 1940

Oct 1942

McKelvie, George S 1942

July 1949

Graham, James Sep 1952

May 1985

Kirkman, Noel
Turner, Simon

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