Dunipace Free Church School

The Free Church building for Dunipace was erected in the Tentfield pattern in Church Lane in the late 1840s.  These were relatively cheap buildings with a life expectancy of forty or so years and it was replaced in 1888 by the present church building.  In the 1850s a school was constructed to the east of the church for the congregation and was used as a church hall.  In 1861 the following details were provided by the Ordnance Surveyors:

A school situated near to the Free Church of Dunipace.   The average number of scholars is 90, 40 of whom are females.   The teacher is solely supported by the fees of the pupils.   The usual branches of education are taught together with the Latin and Greek languages.  Property of the Free Church congregation.”

Illus : 1861/63 Ordnance Survey Map (National Library of Scotland).
1850sMr Kennedy
1863Mr Cochrane
1866John Gillanders1873

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