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Since 1991 the Society has published a journal called Calatria containing articles on all aspects of the history of the Falkirk area.  Each edition is around 120 pages long and includes typically eight articles fully illustrated with maps, drawings and photographs.

Some of the earlier issues are out of print but can be consulted in Falkirk libraries.   Contact Ian Scott for more information on

Listed below is an index of the articles in every issue to date, prepared by John Reid. Some of the articles are available on this website and are hyperlinked for your convenience, so that a click on the title will lead you to the article.

Issue No.




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1991 Calatria John Reid 1
A Roman Fort in the Wall at Falkirk Geoff B Bailey 5
The Prison and Sheriff Court of Falkirk Allan Meek 19
 Doocots in the Falkirk District Geoff B Bailey 33
The Diary of Thomas Johnstone of Hallhouse John Reid 57
Scottish Tar Distillers A. Campbell / G. Bailey 97
The Old Statistical Account Sir John Sinclair (ed) 109


1992 (i) A Roman Shrine Near Laurieston? Geoff B Bailey 1
Skaithmuir – A Baronial Corn Mill J. Reid/G.B. Bailey 5
John Roebuck: 18th Century Entrepreneur Sydney Gregory 17
Housekeeping Expenses 200 Years Ago Falkirk Express (reprint) 27
Ice Houses Geoff B Bailey 33
Along and Across the River Carron Geoff B Bailey 49
Local Roads in the 18th Century John Reid 85
The Old Statistical Account – Slamannan Rev. James McNair 97
Reviews 105


1992 (ii) The Thanes of Callendar John Reid 1
The Grant of the Lands of Callendar to Sir William Livingston John Reid 7
The Incident at Larbert Bridge and the Seige of Callendar House 1651 Geoff B Bailey 9
The Last Earl of Callendar Geoff B Bailey 29
The Sale of the Callendar Estates in 1783 Thomas McGrouther 35
The Muir of Falkirk John Reid 41
Mary, Queen of Scots and the Livingstons of Callendar Ian Scott 49
Lime and Limekilns in the Falkirk District Geoff B Bailey 63
The Falkirk Water Bill Case (1886) Stephen Hill 89
The Old Statistical Account –     Denny (1791) Rev. Thomas Fergus 113


1993 (i) The Carselands of the Firth of Forth John Reid 1
Queen Victoria’s Visit to Falkirk in 1842 Geoff B Bailey 33
Children Down the Mines Craig Mair 41
The Aerated Water Trade in the  Falkirk District Geoff B Bailey 49
The Parishes of East Stirlingshire in the Feudal Period John Reid 79
A Contract of Marriage John Reid 89
The Old Statistical Account – Falkirk (1797) Dr James Wilson 95



1993 (ii) Grangemouth Airfield John Walker 1
The Stentmasters of Falkirk John Reid 25
The Spiers Family and the Tomb at Lochgreen Geoff B Bailey 45
Bothkennar Parish and the Census of 1851 Bernard Thompson 51
Within Three Suns Alan Meek 67
The Disruption of the Church in 1843 Ian Scott 79
Aerated Water – an Inventory of Bottles Geoff B Bailey 105


1994 (i) Battle Monuments and War Memorials Geoff B Bailey 1
The Wilsons of South Bantaskine Alistair Campbell 61
The Development of South Bantaskine John Wilson 73
The Falkirk Volunteers John Thomson 77
The Feudal Divisions of East Stirlingshire John Reid 79
Neolithic Stone Axe from Larbert Geoff B Bailey 111
The Old Statistical Account – Bothkennar Rev. David Dickson 113


1994 (ii) The First Earl of Callendar’s Treasure Geoff B Bailey 1
Russel  and Aitken William Anderson 13
The Feudal Divisions of Muiravonside Parish (Part 2) John Reid 21
The Session Records of Bothkennar   (1744-54) William B. Maclaren 87
Education and Heritors of Larbert (1808-80) Ian Scott 103
The Old Statistical Account – Polmont Parish Rev. William Finlay 111


1995 The Persecution and Confession of Elenor Hay Geoff B Bailey 1
The Feudal Land Divisions of Denny and Dunipace (Part 1) John Reid 21
Callendar House in 1925 Extract 49
The Origin of the Place Name Falkirk W.F.H. Nicolaisen 61
The Tattie Kirk – A Brief History John Walker 73
Carron Company in the 19th Century Brian Watters 87
The Burial of the Last Laird of Abbotshaugh John W. Reddoch 101
The Old Statistical Account – Bo’ness Parish Rev. Robert Rennie 105


1996 (i) The Graveyards of Falkirk District (Part 1) Geoff B Bailey 1
The Feudal Land Divisions of Denny and Dunipace (Part 2) John Reid 35
The Curious Case of John Logie Baird John Walker 55
Carron Company – The Beginning Brian Watters 67
Water Power at Carron Works Brian Watters 75
John Russell, Watch and Clockmaker Winnie R. McPherson 85
James Bruce the Abyssinian Traveller J. Morrison Clingan 97


1996 (ii) The Graveyards of Falkirk District (Part 2) Dunipace Geoff B Bailey 1
The Barony of Abbotskerse John Reid 39
The Post Office in Falkirk District William Clarkson 53
Thomas Wilson of Tophill Denis R. Shovlin 73
Scotland’s Earliest Canal? John Reid 85
Falkirk at War (1939 – 1945) John Walker 93
An Iron Age Stone Lamp from Airth Geoff B Bailey 103
Spindle Whorls from Carriden and Airth Geoff B Bailey 107
Skinflats, the Origins of the Place Name John Reid 109


1997 The Graveyards of Falkirk District (Part 3) Muiravonside Geoff B Bailey 1
Abbotskerse: Estates, Parcels and Portions John Reid 63
Greed and Stupidity: the End of the Forth Oyster Beds Derek Sloan 89
The Castlecary Railway Disaster (1937) John Walker 95
A Companion for Canal Passengers (1823) John Aitken 103


1998 The Graveyards of Falkirk District (Part 4) The Tattie Kirk Geoff B Bailey 1
The Visits of Robert Burns to the Falkirk Area Brian Watters 39
The Old School at Stenhousemuir John Reid 45
Reminiscences of Road Maintenance William Ballantine 59
A Middle Bronze Age Axehead Fragment Trevor Cowie 85
The Velunias Stone John Reid 89
Lost Weapons and Battlefields Geoff B. Bailey 93
The Tombs of the Warriors John R. McLuckie 102


1999 The Graveyards of Falkirk District (Part 5) Airth Geoff B Bailey 1
Lands and Baronies of the Parish of Airth John Reid 47
Charles Gascoine and the Mistress of Elphinstone Brian Watters 81
Reminiscences of Road Maintenance    (Part 2) William Ballantine 85
Gold Armlet from Cowden Hill, Bonnybridge Allan Meek 109
Thoughts on the Heraldic Arms of Callendar John Reid 113


2000 The Records of the Baron Court of Falkirk John Reid 1
Collier Serfdom in the Falkirk District Geoff B Bailey 37
George Forrest, Botanist: The Falkirk Connection Brian Watters 69
A Loose Cannon – Charles Gascoine in Russia Jana L. Bara 73
Ordnance Survey Name Book – Airth Geoff B Bailey 81
An Early Bronze Age Stone Mould for Flat Axeheads Trevor Cowie 97
A Short Account of Carron Company’s Nail Trade Brian Watters 109


2001 The Feuars of Falkirk John Reid 1
A Mesolithic Barbed Antler Point from Carriden Alan Saville 70
Ordnance Survey Name Book –Bothkennar Geoff B Bailey 81
Bronze Age Metalwork from the Falkirk District Trevor Cowie 87
Dunmore Pottery Brian Watters 99
Unpublished Roman finds in the Falkirk Area Fraser Hunter 111


2002 (i) The Graveyards of Falkirk District (Part 6) Corbiehall Geoff B Bailey 1
Polerth: The Lost Dockyard of James IV John Reid 23
Ordnance Survey Name Book – Denny Geoff B Bailey 45
The Lands of Mungal Brian Watters 69
Grossart’s School James Love 89
The Dalnair Roman Rivet Geoff B. Bailey 93
Bo’mains Meadow, Bo’ness Angus Smith 95
Larbert Parish at the Start of the 19th Century John Reid 103


2002 (ii) The Carron Company in Eastern Europe Geoff B. Bailey 1
Local Cultivation Terraces John Reid 23
Ordnance Survey Name Book – Larbert Geoff B Bailey 29
Revealing Dunmore Debris Graeme Cruikshank 45
George Walker of Falkirk and Washington DC W.F.T. Anderson 59
Carronshore School and the Free Church Dispute Brian Watters 67
Memories of Ladysmill John Reid 79
A Bird’s Eye View of Victorian Falkirk Robert Buchanan 85
Local History Book Review Geoff B. Bailey 95


2003 (i) The Graveyards of Falkirk District (Part 7) Carriden Geoff B Bailey 1
Aspects of Timothy Point’s Map of Stirlingshire John Reid 39
Blaeu Map of Stirlingshire: The Place Names (1) John Reid 55
The McKenzie Farmers of Falkirk Gerald Finley 73
The McLaren Jubilee Memorial Church Brian Watters 95
An Obituary for Grangemouth Shed Jim Summers 111
A Bronze Age Arrowhead Saville & Bailey 117


2003 (ii) The Graveyards of Falkirk District (Part 8) Slamannan Geoff B Bailey 1
The Baronies of Seabegs and Castlecary John Reid 57
Falkirk Archaeological and Natural History Society Jenny Service 79
Blaeu Map of Stirlingshire: The Place Names (2) John Reid 55
The Spy, his Wife and the Dark Blue Messerschmitt John Walker 101
Hammermen’s Charter of 1689 John Reid 105
Linear Feature at Castlecary John Reid 107
A Terror to Them that Did Evil – a Victorian Policeman Allan Meek 109


2004 (i) Wynds, Ways and Places in Falkirk John Reid 1
The Mystery of the Meeks Enrico Piana 25
Ordnance Survey Name Book – Falkirk Geoff B Bailey 37
Falkirk Steeple James Love 77
James Fitz Morris, Polmont’s Fighter Ace Geoff B Bailey 81
The Carron Schools Brian Watters 95
Three Second World War Airmen John Walker 103


2004 (ii) The Graveyards of Falkirk District (Part 9) Bothkennar Geoff B Bailey 1
The Improvement of Late Victorian Falkirk David Ronald 47
East Stirlingshire Mills (Part 1) John Reid 61
Ordnance Survey Name Book – Polmont Geoff B Bailey 91
Tolbooths Revisited John Reid 113


2005 The Graveyards of Falkirk District (Part 10) Camelon Geoff B Bailey 1
Russel and Aitken Archives William F.T. Anderson 23
East Stirlingshire Mills (Part 2) John Reid 33
Stained Glass in Falkirk Old & St. Modan’s Ros Mitchell 59
My First School, Blair Lodge Academy (1854) A.I. Grant/Allan Ronald 71
Drove Roads John Reid 101


2006 The Graveyards of Falkirk District (Part 11) Bo’ness Geoff B Bailey 1
The Allandale Pipers John Reid 89
Bankier and Rosebank Distilleries (1885) Alfred Barnard 111
A Letter from Falkirk to Paris: December 1819 Ian Scott 107
Russel and Aitken Archive: Some Further Examples W.F.T. Anderson 121


2007 The Feudal Divisions of East Stirlingshire: Larbert John Reid 1
An Early Timber Hall at Callendar Park Geoff B Bailey 37
The Train Arrives William W. Clarkson 59
Falkirk District 300 Years Ago Sir Robert Sibbald 67
Tophill Dock Mitchell and Ronald 79


2009 Excavations at 36 Polmont Road, Laurieston Geoff B Bailey 1
Carron Valley Reservoir David Ronald 11
Grandsable Cemetery: Air Force Casualties John Walker 17
Local Bells John Reid 31
Polmont Church Car Park: A Watching Brief (2007) Geoff B Bailey 49
The First Parish Church at Muiravbonside Geoff B Bailey 55
The Employment of Women in the Collieries Ian Scott 61
Ordnance Survey Name Book – Bo’ness and Carriden Geoff B Bailey 81


2010 The Graveyards of Falkirk District (Part 12) Falkirk Parish Geoff B Bailey 1
The Feudal Divisions of East Stirlingshire: Slamannan John Reid 63
When Gael Meets Lowlander Donald E. Meek & Rachel J. Meek 79
The Man Who Hid the Stone of Destiny Margaret Walker 107
The Falkirk Dizzen Stuart Mellor 115


2011 Calatria John Reid 1
The Graveyards of Falkirk District (Part  13) Carriden Geoff B Bailey 51
The Boat Building Yard at Port Downie Allan Ronald 77
A Hillfort in Callendar Wood Geoff B Bailey 89
Have We Been Here Before? Andrew Bain 95
The Tollhouse at Larbert Bridge Geoff B Bailey 107
Chartism in Falkirk Hamish Fraser 113
Central Scotland – A Transit Route for Viking Ships? Ron Page 127


2012 The Graveyards of Falkirk District (Part 14) Broompark Geoff B Bailey 1
The Barony of West Kerse John Reid 11
Carronvale Suspension Bridge Douglas Harper 47
Excavations at Callendar House (2010) Geoff B Bailey 57
Evelyn Dewar W.F.T. Anderson 65
Falkirk Tryst Remembered John Reid 81
Mary Livingston of Callendar John Reid 99


2013 (i) The Graveyards of Falkirk District (Part 15) Denny Parish Geoff B Bailey 1
Bairns and Boers: Falkirk and the Boer War (Part 1) Allan H. Ronald 15
What the Papers Say (1746) John Reid 45
Falkirk District’s Motor Sport Heritage Kenny Baird 67
James ‘Persia’ Dawson (c1780-1865) John Mathew 77
The Quarter Pit Disaster Phyllis Martin 103
Tuck o’ Drum John Reid 121
Index and Information on Previous Issues of Calatria 128


2013 (ii) Bairns and Boers: Falkirk and the Boer War (Part 2) Allan H. Ronald 1
The Bruce Monument at Larbert Geoff B. Bailey 29
Brick Marks from the Bo’ness Foreshore Paul Shave 45
The Carse of Stirling in the 13th and 14th Centuries John Reid 57
The Falkirk Poorhouse in 1855 Ian Scott 75
Falkirk and the Militia ‘Riots’ of 1797 Geoff B. Bailey and Jessie M.Young 81


2014 Falkirk in 1723 Alexander Johnston 1
The Historical Survey John Reid et al 5
The Crosskeys, 189 High Street John Muir 8
The York Café, 179 High Street Ian Scott 13
Falkirk Town Mission Alan Russell 16
28-32 Cow Wynd Ian Scott 24
Mathieson’s, 65-69 High Street Elizabeth Boyle and Dianne Lamont 33
Burton’s, 88-86 High Street Betty Fallon and Margaret Braidwood 43
Manse Place Ian Crozier 54
National Bank Buildings David Grieve 62
Tolbooth Tavern (Gaff Inn) John Reid 69
The Pie Office John Reid 75
The Tattie Kirk Geoff B Bailey 81
Wynds, Ways and Places Revisited John Reid 95


2015 The Falkirk Steeple Geoff B Bailey 1
The Stentmasters of Falkirk John Reid 39
The Bells and Clocks of the Steeple G.B. Bailey & Ian Scott 55
The Men of the Steeple Ian Scott 67
The Steeple Jail of Falkirk Allan Meek 71
The Steeple Doors Geoff B Bailey 79
The Cross Well Geoff B Bailey 89


2016 The Early Archaeology of Falkirk Geoff B Bailey 1
The Dark Ages John Reid 27
The Feudal Period John Reid 51
Falkirk’s Town Wall Geoff B Bailey 103


2017 The Making of Falkirk (1839-1860) Geoff B Bailey 1
The Court of Regality of Falkirk John Reid 93
The Names in the Court Book (Vol. 2) John Reid 151
The Hospital of Falkirk (1640) Geoff B Bailey 103
The Kirk Session Records George Murray 165


2019 Auxiliary Hospitals in WW1                    (See also these pages) Geoff B Bailey 1
Adamson and Co.: Grangemouth Shipbuilders Allan H. Ronald 43
A Victorian Scot: James Wright of Denny Phyllis Martin 65
Early Tobacco Pipes in Falkirk District Geoff Bailey et al 87
Dr. John Corbet of Mount Vaccine John Reid 117
The Denny Longbow Geoff B. Bailey 129
Calatria 1-35 Index of Articles John Reid 139