(the Journal of Falkirk Local History Society)

Since 1991 the Society has published a journal called Calatria containing articles on all aspects of the history of the Falkirk area.  Each edition is around 120 pages long and includes typically eight articles fully illustrated with maps, drawings and photographs.

Some of the earlier issues are out of print but can be consulted in Falkirk libraries.   Contact Ian Scott for more information on

Listed below is an index of the articles in every issue to date, prepared by John Reid. Some of the articles are available on this website and are hyperlinked for your convenience, so that a click on the title will lead you to the article.

Issue & pageArticleAuthor
1 (p. 1)CalatriaJohn Reid
1 (p. 5)A Roman Fort in the Wall at FalkirkGeoff B. Bailey
1 (p.19)The Prison and Sheriff Court of FalkirkAllan Meek
1 (p.33)Doocots in the Falkirk DistrictGeoff B. Bailey
1 (p.57)The Diary of Thomas Johnstone of HallhouseJohn Reid
1 (p.97)Scottish Tar DistillersA. Campbell / G. Bailey
1 (p.109)The Old Statistical AccountSir John Sinclair (ed)
Number 1 (1991)
2 (p. 1)A Roman Shrine Near LauriestonGeoff B. Bailey
2 (p. 5)Skaithmuir – A Baronial Corn MillJ. Reid/ G.B. Bailey
2 (p.17)John Roebuck: 18th Century EntrepreneurSydney Gregory
2 (p.27)Housekeeping Expenses 200 Years AgoFalkirk Express (reprint)
2 (p.33)Ice HousesGeoff B Bailey
2 (p.49)Along and Across the River CarronGeoff B Bailey
2 (p.85)Local Roads in the 18th CenturyJohn Reid
2 (p.97)The Old Statistical Account – SlamannanRev. James McNair
2 (p.105)Reviews
Number 2 (1992)
3 (p.1)The Thanes of CallendarJohn Reid
3 (p.7)The Grant of the Lands of Callendar to Sir William LivingstonJohn Reid
3 (p.9)The Incident at Larbert Bridge and the Seige of Callendar House 1651 Geoff B Bailey
3 (p.29)The Last Earl of CallendarGeoff B Bailey
3 (p.35)The Sale of the Callendar Estates in 1783Thomas McGrouther
3 (p.41)The Muir of FalkirkJohn Reid
3 (p.49)Mary, Queen of Scots and the Livingstons of Callendar Ian Scott
3 (p.63)Lime and Limekilns in the Falkirk DistrictGeoff B Bailey
3 (p.89)The Falkirk Water Bill Case (1886)Stephen Hill
3 (p.113)The Old Statistical Account – Denny (1791)Rev. Thomas Fergus
Number 3 (1992)
4 (p. 1)The Carselands of the Firth of ForthJohn Reid
4 (p.33)Queen Victoria’s Visit to Falkirk in 1842Geoff B Bailey
4 (p.41)Children Down the MinesCraig Mair
4 (p.49)The Aerated Water Trade in the Falkirk DistrictGeoff B Bailey
4 (p.79)The Parishes of East Stirlingshire in the Feudal PeriodJohn Reid
4 (p.89)A Contract of MarriageJohn Reid
4 (p.95)The Old Statistical Account – Falkirk (1797) Dr James Wilson
Number 4 (1993)
5 (p. 1)Grangemouth AirfieldJohn Walker
5 (p.25) The Stentmasters of Falkirk John Reid
5 (p.45)The Spiers Family and the Tomb at LochgreenGeoff B Bailey
5 (p.51)Bothkennar Parish and the Census of 1851Bernard Thompson
5 (p.67)Within Three SunsAlan Meek
5 (p.79)The Disruption of the Church in 1843Ian Scott
5 (p.105)Aerated Water – an Inventory of BottlesGeoff B Bailey
Number 5 (1993)
6(p. 1)Battle Monuments and War MemorialsGeoff B Bailey
6(p.61)The Wilsons of South BantaskineAlistair Campbell
6(p.73)The Development of South Bantaskine John Wilson
6(p.77)The Falkirk VolunteersJohn Thomson
6(p.79)The Feudal Divisions of East StirlingshireJohn Reid
6(p.111)Neolithic Stone Axe from LarbertGeoff B Bailey
6(p.113)The Old Statistical Account – BothkennarRev. David Dickson
Number 6 (1994)
7 (p. 1)The First Earl of Callendar’s Treasure Geoff B Bailey
7 (p.13)Russel and AitkenWilliam Anderson
7 (p.21)The Feudal Divisions of Muiravonside Parish (Part 2)John Reid
7 (p.87)The Session Records of Bothkennar (1744-54)William B Maclaren
7 (p.103)Education and Heritors of Larbert (1808-80)Ian Scott
7 (p.111)The Old Statistical Account – Polmont ParishRev. William Finlay
Number 7 (1994)
8(p. 1)The Persecution and Confession of Elenor HayGeoff B Bailey
8(p.21)The Feudal Land Divisions of Denny and Dunipace (Part 1)
John Reid
8(p.49)Callendar House in 1925Extract
8(p.61)The Origin of the Place Name FalkirkW.F.H. Nicolaisen
8(p.73)The Tattie Kirk – A Brief HistoryJohn Walker
8(p.87)Carron Company in the 19th CenturyBrian Watters
8(p.101)The Burial of the Last Laird of AbbotshaughJohn W Reddoch
8(p.105)The Old Statistical Account – Bo’ness ParishRev. Robert Rennie
Number 8 (1995)
9 (p. 1)The Graveyards of Falkirk District (Part 1)Geoff B Bailey
9(p.35)The Feudal Land Divisions of Denny and Dunipace (Part 2)John Reid
9(p.55)The Curious Case of John Logie BairdJohn Walker
9(p.67)Carron Company – The BeginningBrian Watters
9(p.75)Water Power at Carron WorksBrian Watters
9(p.85)John Russell, Watch and ClockmakerWinnie R. McPherson
9(p.97)James Bruce the Abyssinian TravellerJ. Morrison Clingan
Number 9 (1996)
10(p. 1)
The Graveyards of Falkirk District (Part 2) Dunipace
Geoff B Bailey
10(p. 39)The Barony of AbbotskerseJohn Reid
10(p. 53)The Post Office in Falkirk DistrictWilliam Clarkson
10(p. 73)Thomas Wilson of TophillDenis R. Shovlin
10(p. 85)Scotland’s Earliest Canal?John Reid
10(p. 93)Falkirk at War (1939 – 1945)John Walker
10(p.103)An Iron Age Stone Lamp from AirthGeoff B Bailey
10(p.107)Spindle Whorls from Carriden and AirthGeoff B Bailey
10(p.109)Skinflats, the Origins of the Place NameJohn Reid
Number 10 (1996)
11(p. 1)The Graveyards of Falkirk District (Part 3) MuiravonsideGeoff B Bailey
11(p. 63)Abbotskerse: Estates, Parcels and PortionsJohn Reid
11(p. 89)Greed and Stupidity: the End of the Forth Oyster BedsDerek Sloan
11(p. 95)The Castlecary Railway Disaster (1937)John Walker
11(p.103)A Companion for Canal Passengers (1823)John Aitken
Number 11 (1997)
12(p. 1)The Graveyards of Falkirk District (Part 4) The Tattie KirkGeoff B Bailey
12(p. 39)The Visits of Robert Burns to the Falkirk AreaBrian Watters
12(p. 45)The Old School at StenhousemuirJohn Reid
12(p. 59)Reminiscences of Road MaintenanceWilliam Ballantine
12(p. 85)A Middle Bronze Age Axehead FragmentTrevor Cowie
12(p. 89)The Velunias StoneJohn Reid
12(p. 93)Lost Weapons and BattlefieldsGeoff B Bailey
12(p.102)The Tombs of the WarriorsJohn R. McLuckie
Number 12 (1998)
13(p. 1)The Graveyards of Falkirk District (Part 5) AirthGeoff B Bailey
13(p. 47)Lands and Baronies of the Parish of AirthJohn Reid
13(p. 81)Charles Gascoine and the Mistress of ElphinstoneBrian Watters
13(p. 85)Reminiscences of Road Maintenance (Part 2)William Ballantine
13(p.109)Gold Armlet from Cowden Hill, BonnybridgeAllan Meek
13(p.113)Thoughts on the Heraldic Arms of CallendarJohn Reid
Number 13 (1999)
14(p. 1)The Records of the Baron Court of FalkirkJohn Reid
14(p. 37)Collier Serfdom in the Falkirk DistrictGeoff B Bailey
14(p. 69)George Forrest, Botanist: The Falkirk ConnectionBrian Watters
14(p. 73)A Loose Cannon – Charles Gascoine in RussiaJana L. Bara
14(p. 81)Ordnance Survey Name Book – AirthGeoff B Bailey
14(p. 97)An Early Bronze Age Stone Mould for Flat AxeheadsTrevor Cowie
14(p.109)A Short Account of Carron Company’s Nail TradeBrian Watters
Number 14 (2000)
15(p. 1)The Feuars of FalkirkJohn Reid
15(p. 70)A Mesolithic Barbed Antler Point from CarridenAlan Saville
15(p. 81)Ordnance Survey Name Book –BothkennarGeoff B Bailey
15(p. 87)Bronze Age Metalwork from the Falkirk DistrictTrevor Cowie
15(p. 99)Dunmore PotteryBrian Watters
15(p.111)Unpublished Roman finds in the Falkirk AreaFraser Hunter
Number 15 (2001)
16(p. 1)The Graveyards of Falkirk District (Part 6) CorbiehallGeoff B Bailey
16(p. 23)Polerth: The Lost Dockyard of James IVJohn Reid
16(p. 45)Ordnance Survey Name Book – DennyGeoff B Bailey
16(p. 69)The Lands of MungalBrian Watters
16(p. 89)Grossart’s SchoolJames Love
16(p. 93)The Dalnair Roman RivetGeoff B Bailey
16(p. 95)Bo’mains Meadow, Bo’nessAngus Smith
16(p.103)Bo’mains Meadow, Bo’nessJohn Reid
Number 16 (2002)
17(p. 1)The Carron Company in Eastern EuropeGeoff B Bailey
17(p.23)Local Cultivation TerracesJohn Reid
17(p.29)Ordnance Survey Name Book – LarbertGeoff B Bailey
17(p.45)Revealing Dunmore DebrisGraeme Cruikshank
17(p.59)George Walker of Falkirk and Washington DCW.F.T. Anderson
17(p.67)Carronshore School and the Free Church DisputeBrian Watters
17(p.79)Memories of LadysmillJohn Reid
17(p.85)A Bird’s Eye View of Victorian FalkirkRobert Buchanan
17(p.95)Local History Book ReviewGeoff B Bailey
Number 17 (2002)
18(p. 1)The Graveyards of Falkirk District (Part 7) CarridenGeoff B Bailey
18(p. 39)Aspects of Timothy Point’s Map of StirlingshireJohn Reid
18(p. 55)Blaeu Map of Stirlingshire: The Place Names (1)John Reid
18(p. 73)The McKenzie Farmers of FalkirkGerald Finley
18(p. 95)The McLaren Jubilee Memorial ChurchBrian Watters
18(p.111)An Obituary for Grangemouth ShedJim Summers
18(p.117)A Bronze Age ArrowheadSaville & Bailey
Number 18 (2003)
19(p. 1)The Graveyards of Falkirk District (Part 8) SlamannanGeoff B Bailey
19(p. 57)The Baronies of Seabegs and CastlecaryJohn Reid
19(p. 79)Falkirk Archaeological and Natural History SocietyJenny Service
19(p. 85)Blaeu Map of Stirlingshire: The Place Names (2)John Reid
19(p.101)The Spy, his Wife and the Dark Blue MesserschmittJohn Walker
19(p.105)Hammermen’s Charter of 1689John Reid
19(p.107)Linear Feature at CastlecaryJohn Reid
19(p.109)A Terror to Them that Did Evil – a Victorian PolicemanAllan Meek
Number 19 (2003)
20(p. 1)Wynds, Ways and Places in FalkirkJohn Reid
20(p. 25)The Mystery of the MeeksEnrico Piana
20(p. 37)Ordnance Survey Name Book – FalkirkGeoff B Bailey
20(p. 77)Falkirk SteepleJames Love
20(p. 81)James Fitz Morris, Polmont’s Fighter AceGeoff B Bailey
20(p. 95)The Carron SchoolsBrian Watters
20(p.103)Three Second World War AirmenJohn Walker
Number 20 (2004)
Number 21 (2004)
Number 22 (2005)
Number 23 (2006)
Number 24 (2007)
Number 25 (2009)
Number 26 (2010)
Number 27 (2011)
Number 28 (2012)
Number 29 (2013)
Number 30 (2013)
Number 31 (2014)
Number 32 (2015)
Number 33 (2016)
Number 34 (2017)
Number 35 (2019)