Bo’ness Town Hall

The Town Hall had been erected in 1904 and the hall was re-opened by a syndicate as a picture house on 24 July 1916.  A Pathé projector had been installed and a musical trio engaged consisting of Miss McCallum on violin, Mr Pini on cello and Miss McIntosh on piano.  George Kay was the managing director of the company and JJ Robertson the local manager.  Hugh Bowie and Robert Frame managed the programme.  In 1916 prices were – area 4d, balcony seats cost 7d, reserved 11d.   After a six month trial the company terminated its lease of the hall in January 1917.

Illus: The Matinee Crowd at the Town Hall in 1916.

Bo’ness Town Hall & Carnegie Library                       SMR 375         NS 9984 8147

G. B. Bailey (2021)