Camelon Evangelical Church

Camelon Evangelical Church

(SMR 1908)


Glasgow Road, Camelon                                          NS 8679 8054

Baird Street, Camelon                                              NS 8687 8037


1913: February, Assembly started in Camelon in a private house by Robert Easson.  That summer John McAlpine preached in a large Gospel Tent erected at the “Binch” (now occupied by the Sheriff Court).  As a result the front parlour was too small and a shop in Victoria Place, Glasgow Road, was hired and converted into Camelon Gospel Hall.

1920: Moved to the Old School, Camelon.

1925: Bought vacant land to the east of the shop and erected a second-hand “tin hall” acquired in England.  This had a wooden frame covered by corrugated steel sheets.

1930: Brick hall built to the west of the tin hall and called “Bethany Hall”.  When almost complete, the feudal superior insisted on a red sandstone façade, which almost doubled the cost and took a further three months.  The tin hall had already been sold and in the interval the congregation returned to the Old school.

1973: Site acquired for road widening.  By good fortune the Trinity Church building in Baird Street was for sale and the congregation took possession of it on 1st November.



Robert Easson 1946


Charles Gillespie 1975


1975    Alan McIntyre

G.B. Bailey (2019)