“Noric”, Pleasance

Map showing the outlines of the Roman fort at Falkirk and various archaeological investigations. 
S10 – Church of Christ; S11 – Girl Guide hall; S12 – Noric.

by G.B. Bailey

The Roman fort at Falkirk was only discovered in 1991 but since then the layout of its defensive ditches has been carefully mapped using a series of archaeological trenches placed in the gardens of the suburb.  As a result, the line of the Antonine Wall in this vicinity had to be amended and was moved further north than indicated on Ordnance Survey maps.  The resulting line showed the Ditch of the Roman frontier passing through the property called “Noric” immediately to the north of the Girl Guide hall in the Pleasance.  In 2021 excavation by the Great British Dig team in the grounds of the Girl Guide Hall called that into question.  It was therefore opportune that the owner of Noric asked the author to assess the archaeology there in advance of a planning application for an extension on the west side of the dwelling in compliance with the Special Planning Guidance for the World Heritage Site.