Braes Cinema

The early travelling cinematograph shows visited the small communities throughout central Scotland.  The limited seating capacity of these makeshift cinemas meant that while it was worthwhile for their owners to stop in a village, they did not remain for as long as they did in the towns.  Community venues such as church halls were well used.  Few, however, were able to sustain a permanent cinema.  The Picture House in Brightons could tap into the large mining community in the area and draw people from the surrounding area – from Maddiston, Polmont, Rumford, Shieldhill and Redding.  Remoter locations such as Slamannan and Avonbridge made their own provision for intermittent services.  At Avonbridge a disused blanket mill was converted into a part-time cinema and community hall.  At Slamannan the church hall was utilised.

Avonbridge Pavilion

Brightons Picture House