Alexanders’ Stores, High Street, Falkirk

Internal Alterations

Illus : Alexanders’ Stores on the left looking east along the High Street

Alexanders’ Stores Ltd occupied the premises of the old Red Lion Inn on the north side of the High Street.  From small beginnings it had grown to sell a huge variety of goods and was essentially a department store.  In 1911 it was decided to make alterations to the inn to fit it for its new purpose.  Partitions were taken away to increase the floor space and make it easier for the shopper to find their way around.  On the first floor the large hall was extended by the inclusion of adjoining rooms so that it resembled a “city warehouse.”  Carpet and picture rooms were provided.  Behind the High Street front the building was extended northwards.  Here new departments for stocking goods for farmers and miners’ material were fitted up.

Contractors: Builder – John Gardner; Joiners – J & P Dewar; Electricians – T Laurie & Co; Plasterer – James Miller; Painters –O’Brien & Meek; Glazier – D O’May.

High Street, 148-154 (Red Lion)                      SMR 429         NS 8891 7988

Geoff B. Bailey, 2021