Avonbridge Congregational Church

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Avonbridge Congregational Church

 1844       Avonbridge Evangelical Union Church         1896

1896       Avonbridge Congregational Union Church   Present

1844:  New congregation formed by members of the Bathgate and   Falkirk Evangelical Union churches.  Meetings at Bulliondale Cottage which later became known as “the Auld Chaipel”.

1860: New building erected on Main Street at the south end of the village.  The west gable fronts on to the street and contains the main entrance, above that is an Italianate window the keystone of which bears the date 1860.   The walls are of random rubble, the stone coming from a local quarry.

1929: New hall built on the south-east corner of the church.

1970: Church linked with the Trinity Evangelical Union in Falkirk.

1973: Church now linked with the Church of Scotland.


              1851         No minister                           1855

              1863         No minister                           1867

              1869         No minister                           1878

        Rae, James                           May 1887

          Apr 1907     Ramsay, J R

         Dec 1915     Lynch, Charles

         Sep 1921      Baillie, Thomas

         Aug 1925     Todd, W S                             Dec 1930

          Apr 1931     Stoddart, Harold

        Webb, William                     Apr 1935

        Richmond, Mathew

        Findlay, Donald                   Aug 1970

        Phillip, Robert

Geoff B. Bailey (2016)