Slamannan Free Church

 NS 8687 7287 ; NS 8562 7299

Slamannan Free Church

1843       Slamannan Free Church                    1900

1900       Slamannan United Free Church        1929

1929       Balquhatstone Church of Scotland    1961

1843:  The entire Kirk Session of Slamannan resigned and the following year a Free Church opened near Pirnielodge on the north side of the railway adjacent to the public road.

1860:  New building started at Balquhatstone on Station Road not far from the Culloch Burn on land donated by Mrs Waddell of Balquhatstone.   Opened 4th August 1861 at a cost of £850.

1864:  New building destroyed by fire although the contents, including the seats, were saved.  Notwithstanding the disaster it was rebuilt the next year.

1876: Mission started at Longrigend, became a preaching station in 1882, and raised to a full charge in 1888.

1945: Union with the Parish Church.

1946: Last service in the church building which was thereafter used as a church hall.

1961: Building taken over by Stirling County Council, demolished and developed for housing.   A memorial plaque to Wm Eyral moved to the session house of the Parish Church.


1840s:  Manse built at the corner of New Street and Pirnielodge Road in Slamannan (NS 8568 7312).

1946: Sold being surplus to requirements.


1861: Between 500 and 600.


1847         Eyval, William                                    Apr 1861

Jul 1861       Tuller, William                                     1874

May 1875     Reid, Archibald                                  Dec 1892?

Jul 1892       Strathairn, George                             May 1983

Oct 1898     Stewart, William Robert                     May 1921

Nov 1921    Brackenridge, James Calderwood    Jun 1925

Apr 1925     Whyte, William MacKenzie              1928

Aug 1928    Duncan, Reginald                                Sep 1931

Apr 1932     Martin, John Robson                          Apr 1938

Dec 1938     Wilson, William Iain Girdwood         1941

Feb 1944     Moncrieff, Hope                                  Mar 1945

Rate, E.

Geoff B. Bailey (2016)