Dennyloanhead Church Windows


(1) Stained glass window installed in 1888.

(2) Christ is seen in the central window, kneeling with a basin of water on his knee and a pitcher of water beside him, whilst he washes the feet of St Peter.  The gold colour of Christ’s cloak suggests the regality to which he was soon to ascend, and the red brooch is symbolic of the Passion to come.  Behind are two open windows through which Jerusalem may be seen.  There is a lamp in the apex.  In the side lights are four disciples with windows behind them.

“Peter saith unto him,/ Thou shalt never wash my feet.”

“To the Glory of God and in memory of/ the Rev. David Kier m.a. Minister 1879-1933 and of Mrs Kier,/ Erected by family congregation and friends, Sept. 30, 1934.”

“Jesus answered him, If I wash thee not/ thou hast no part with me.”

Designed and executed by G MacWhirter Webster of the Stephen Aden Studio, Glasgow

Location: chancel – now a private house.

G.B. Bailey (2019)