Carron Grange

      This B listed house was built between 1895 and 1897 as the residence of the general manager of Carron Company. It stands on Carronhill, on what was once known as the Lands of Hungry Hill overlooking the Carron Dams. According to a Carron Company Minute Book of the time, a sketch and estimated cost of £3,500 was presented to the standing committee in 1895 and an additional £500 was authorised for laying out the roads and grounds. There is no record of who the architect was, although according to the Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historic Monuments of Scotland (RCAHMS), it resembles the work of Glasgow architect, Henry Edward Clifford. The interior is in the ‘arts and crafts’ style with stained glass decoration. The contractor was J. J. and P McLachlan of Stenhousemuir. According to architectural historian Richard Jaques the building’s “fine proportions and impeccable detailing make this more than a local treasure”.

      The first occupant of the house was John Frew and the last, in the early 1960s, Eric J Leaver. Some of the company’s old horses spent their retirement years in the grounds, which also, in the 1950s, played host to a small herd of highland cattle belonging the then manager. Carron Grange was sold to the Central Regional Council in the late 1970s for use as a teachers training centre. It is now the headquarters of the Scottish Builders Federation.

Brian Watters (2006)