Larbert Paper Mill

Illus: Extract from Roy’s Map of c1755 (National Library of Scotland).

This mill was worked off the same lade as the East Mill of Dunipace and its weir is still a prominent feature of the River Carron just east of Dunipace Bridge.

Richard Foxcroft is mentioned in the Dunipace parish records as “paper maker in Guildfield” in 1754.  He may have been subletting it from Robert MacKell, millwright, who had the nearby mill at Dunipace.  Along with many of the mills along this length of the Carron it was leased to the Carron Company in 1761, and the existing machinery was disposed of:

Public roup at the paper mill of Larbor.  “The whole machinery of a paper, waulk and snuff mill, by Robert MacKell, mill-wright in Falkirk;   the machinery is not wore out, and will serve any other mill; but as the Carron iron-company has taken the mills, he has the machinery to dispose of, and will sell it at a very low rate

(Edinburgh Evening Courant 2 May 1761, 3).

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Larbert Grinding Mill
(Larbert Waulk Mill)
SMR 1230(NS 8499 8208)

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