Bankier Mill

The fifteenth century barony of Herbertshire was huge and it is therefore not surprising to find a mill in its southern area to complement that at Denny.  Bankier Mill is first noted in 1472 when it was mortgaged along with the lands by Robert, Lord Fleming (Reid 2004, 68).  The Wigton Archives contain a reference in 1504 to the “Mill of Ballinkeir, milnlands, watergamgs, multures and sequels thereof” (Reid Notes).  In 1538 it was again mortgaged, this time to Thomas Marjoribanks of Edinburgh.  However, the Fleming interest continued into the 17th century.

Illus: Roy, 1755 (National Library of Scotland). Auchencloch Mill on the left, Bankier Mill in the centre, and Castlecary Mill on the right.

 It is shown, but not named, on Grassom’s 1817 map and was still in use as a corn mill in 1828, when it was converted by Daniel Macfarlane into a whisky distillery known as Bankier Distillery.  John Aitken acquired it from Macfarlane and it was run under the Bankier Distillery Co before changing hands on several occasions.

1656George Graham
1669James Russell
1738Walter Lang, merchant

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Bankier MillSMR 1212(NS7787 7886)

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