Dalquhairn Mill

Illus: Dalquhairn Mill on Pont’s Map (National Library of Scotland).

In 1613 the Earl of Linlithgow made a grant to James Shaw in Paxhole of part of the lands of Dalquairn.  He reserved to himself

the freedom of constructing a mill in that part of Dalquhairne betwix the West-burn fuird of Dalquhairne at the Smyith-yard-nuik and the Eister-burn-fuird where the market road crosses, and the freedom of ane schilling-hill from the said mill within the said bounds to the said southern road for the purpose of dichting schilling thairuponn“.  

In fact, a mill had already been depicted in this area on Pont’s map in the 1580s.  James Bell was designed “miller and tacksman of Dalwhairn miln” in 1724.  In 1818 it appears as “part of Bankhead called Halfmerk with the mill thereon called Dalquhairn Mill“.

There is no trace of the mill on the first edition Ordnance Survey maps and nothing remains visible on the ground.

1711Alexander P(arlie)
1724James Bell

Sites and Monuments Record

Dalquhairn MillSMR 1204(NS 904 722)

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