Muiravonside Mill

The estate of Muiravonside was once known as Neuk and the mill also took that name.  It is first mentioned in 1508 when John Ross, Lord Halkhead, succeeded to the estate.  The miller of “Nuikmyln” in 1566 was William Borthwick. In 1698 it was Patrick Bell.  

Illus 1: 1863 Ordnance Survey Map showing Muiravonside Mill and Lade (National Library of Scotland).
Illus 2: Muiravonside Mill in 2019.

The mill may have been owned collectively by several of the neighbouring estates as in 1534 William Hamilton of Woodside had possession of one eighth of it. 

That it was a “baronial” mill is indicated by a deed of 1642 which includes “all and hail the Newick Corn Mill commonly known as Nwick Mylne with the mill lands, the astricted multures…

(Reid Notes). 

Joseph Reid had a tack of “the mill of Muiravonside, mill lands, kiln, dwelling houses, parts and pertinent, with the thirlage of the barony of Muiravonside” for a period of 19 years from 1785.  The mill and lade appear on Roy’s map of 1755.  When the estate was acquired by the Stirling family in 1835 a saw mill was built and it is this that remains today.

The northern end of the complex was set at right angles to the river and presents a single storey to the estate road and two storeys to the river front.  It contained the water wheel.  Water from the lade fell through the building and out of the large arched opening on the river bank.  Set perpendicular to this were two barn-like buildings containing the wood cutting machinery.  Large doors at ground floor level allowed the tree trunks to be fed onto the saw bench which would have been similar to that at Carriden House.

At various times there have been attempts to generate electricity from the water using a turbine.  The buildings fell into considerable disrepair and the eastern of the “barns” was demolished.  Those remaining were re-roofed in 1983 as part of an MSC Scheme to create the Country Park.  By 2005 vandalism and disuse had taken its toll and major renovations took place to create an educational facility.

Illus 3: The Wheel-House set perpendicular to the river.
1566William Borthwick
1685David Donaldson
1698Patrick Bell
1785Joseph Reid

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