Burnhouse Farm Mill

The farm mill at Burnhouse west of Denny appears on the 1861 Ordnance Survey map and with little change on the map of 1896.  The minor changes that do occur, such as the shape of the pond, suggest that the mill was used well into the twentieth century.

Illus 1: Burnhouse Steading with the Mill building on the north-east side, from the Ordnance Survey Map of 1896/97 (National Library of Scotland).

The three-storey mill building stands to the north of the farm buildings and is fed by a small stream.  The wheel is now missing, but the pit and gearing can still be seen on the north side of the otherwise blank wall.

Illus 2: North wall of Burnhouse Mill with the bevelled gear wheel attached to the lower section above the overgrown wheel pit.
Illus 3: The Sluice on the Lade just west of the mill building.
Illus 4: East elevation of the Mill with the Granary and Store wing in the foreground.

Sites and Monuments Record

Burnhouse Farm MillSMR 2193NS 7959 8446

G.B. Bailey, 2022