Carmuirs Waulkmill

The earliest mention of this mill comes from the Barony Court Book in 1642 when William Walker in Wester Carmuirs was ordered to pay to John Burne in Larbert (the tacksman of the mill) 40 shillings in respect of one year’s duty “of the Carmwre walkmylne” along with 16 merks which Burn had paid for having the mill dressed.  Having issued that order, the court then proceeded to order Walker’s eviction from the mill:

Decernes the said William Walker to flit and remove himselff his wyfe bairns schervands guids and geir ffurthe and fra the Carmwre walkmylne possest be him and to suffer John Burne takseman thairof his tennentis schervandis and uthers in his name to enter thairto.”  

Only one other notice associated with the mill has come to light; a document of 1755 for Carmuirs makes mention of “Wake miln land“.  Walker Brae (NS 853 820), shown on an 18th century estate plan, may relate to this site (Reid 2005, 39).

It is probable that the mill lay adjacent to the baronial corn mill and utilised some if its infrastructure.

Sites and Monuments Record

Carmuirs WaulkmillSMR 1195NS 85 81

G.B. Bailey, 2022