Kirkland Mill & Bleachfield

Illus 1: Roy’s Map showing the Lade on the river bend south of Kirkland (National Library of Scotland).

When John Livingston of Kirkland married Margaret Doig in 1621 the couple received a grant of lands which included the mill and mill lands of Kirkland.  John Robertson was named as miller there in 1652. James Kirkwood was the tenant in 1787 and the last mention of the mill under this name is in 1794.  The lade for the mill cut across a bend in the River Carron and is shown on Roy’s map with an unnamed building towards its eastern end.

The mill appears more clearly on Grassom’s map of 1817, though it is still not named.  By the time of the first edition Ordnance Survey map of 1861 the area was occupied by the buildings of the Kirkwood Bleachfield, which was disused.

Illus 2: Grassom’s Map of 1817 showing a series of mills on the north side of the River Carron. These are, from west to east: Herbertshire Printfield, Planting Mill, Denovan Printfield, Linkumbank Mill, and Kirkland Mill.

In 1869 John Luke leased the old bleachfield at Kirkland and converted it into a paper mill called the Denny Paper Mill, though locals knew it as Headswood Mill

Illus 3: 1861/65 Ordnance Survey Map (National Library of Scotland).

National Grid Reference

Kirkland Mill & BleachfieldNS 827 825

G.B. Bailey, 2022