Larbert Black Mill

The first mention of this mill comes in 1859 when William Clark of Black Mill, Larbert, obtained a game certificate.  By 1881 the lease was held by A & W Cumming.  It seems that the works occupied a part of the Larbert Grinding Mill.

Alexr.CUMMINGHeadWidower50Blacking MillerEdinburgh
JamesCUMMINGSonUnmarrried20Blacking MillerHelensburgh
MargaretPATTERSONServantWidow52Domestic ServantCampsie, Stirling
DavidFREWServantUnmarried46Blacking MillerDenny
1881 Census for the Black Mill.

The blacking mill was partially destroyed by fire on 10 November 1882.  The fire originated in the building nearest to the River Carron and was confined to it by the firefighters using the plentiful supply of water available.  The material manufactured continued to smoulder all day and the damage done was estimated at £250; the buildings were insured (Falkirk Herald 16 November 1882, 5).  The firm of A & W Cumming was dissolved by mutual agreement in January 1883; all debts contracted being paid by William Cumming, Auchencloch Black Mills, near Denny.  The business at Larbert thereafter was be carried on by Alexander Cumming and James Cumming.  The date of closure is not known but it was around 1890.

G.B. Bailey, 2022