Linkumbank Lint Mill

The only mentions found of this lint mill occur in 1796. The sasines refer to half an acre of ground at the south end of the Damhead of Linkumbank Lint Mill (Reid Notes).  The same year the mill and mill lands of Linkumbank were for let (Caledonian Mercury 16 June 1796, 4).  These were part of Denovan Estate.  It appears, unnamed, on Grassom’s map of 1817 (see Kirkland Mill).  The location and the year of the sale, 1796, show that this was one of the Gunnershaw Mills.

The lint mill does not appear of Roy’s Great Map and it was probably constructed in the late eighteenth century.  In the 1840s it was managed by Alexander Kerr, who is said to have “used it as a lint or linen mill and rented land from farmers to grow the flax he required” (Reid 2004, 79).

National Grid Reference

Linkumbank Lint MillNS 8235 8295

G.B. Bailey, 2022