Waulkmill of Clerkston

Illus: Roy’s Map (National Library of Scotland).

In 1671 James Wilson in Waukmiln of Waukmilnton took possession of Waukmilnsted in Clerkston Banks from the Duchess of Hamilton.  As well as the mill building he acquired the adjacent mill house, weir and mill dam.  He was also given the right to take stones from the quarry on the east side of the river.  A James Wilson is designed as “dryster in Clerkstoun” in 1742.  The family was still there in 1789 when the Duke of Hamilton issued a charter in favour of James and David Wilson.  This document also mentions that James had been offered £55.11 for :

the waulk mill in Clerksone Bank with damhead and lade

by Robert Mackell, wright at Dunipace.  General Roy’s Survey shows the mill as “Waakmill”.  It is last mentioned in 1793 and does not appear on Grassom’s 1817 map.

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Waulkmill of ClerkstonSMR 1203NS 967 785

G.B. Bailey, 2022