Wester Greenrig Lint Mill

Lint or flax mills are mentioned at Wester Greenrig and Westfield on the extreme western boundary of the Slamannan Parish and it is assumed that these were one and the same.  The only reference to the mill at Wester Greenrig is in 1776 when it was said

the Lintmill is a pretty good building but has not been occupied for some years“. 

The water mill would have been on the south side of the G/arbethill Burn.  A building at this location is marked as “ruin” on the 1806 parish plan.

Illus 1: Ordnance Survey Map of 1860/62 (National Library of Scotland).

Presumably it was rebuilt, for the flax mill at Westfield was for sale in 1854:

“All and Whole that piece of Land, part of the land and parks of THEAPRIG, bounded on the north by a burn, being the march between Callendar Estates and Garbethill, on the west by the said march burn, and on the south by the lands of Westfield and Threaprig, and extending to 2 roods, twelve poles; together with the MILL-LEAD and DAM, all as mentioned and described in the lease thereof; together with the DWELLING-HOUSE and FLAX-MILL, erected thereon – and which subjects belong to the Trustees of John Taylor, flax-miller, Westfield, Slamannan…”

(Falkirk Herald 13 August 1854).

It was no longer listed as a mill on the 1898 Ordnance Survey map.  That map shows the remnants of the linear ponds used to seep the flax.

Illus 2: Ordnance Survey Map of 1898 (National Library of Scotland).

Sites and Monuments Record

Wester Greenrig Lint MillSMR 1209
Westfield Flax MillSMR 1184NS 8195 7430

G.B. Bailey, 2022