Arns Tomb

The front wall of this tomb protrudes 0.45m into a field from a broad drystone field boundary 190m WNW from the farm of Arns (at NS 8058 7557).  Here it is in the slight W/E depression of a young stream with a very restricted view to the south, where the doorway is situated.  Arns was part of a larger estate, based just 650m to the south at Garbet, owned by the Melville family and it is assumed that it is their family burial ground.

Illus: The view from up the tree.


The walled enclosure measures 6.55m W/E by 6.55m N/S internally.  The walls are of quarried sandstone, 0.5m thick, capped by thin copestones.  These possess a square outer edge at the foot of a chamfer with a slight incline to the rough internal edge.  Only the southern corners have backset margins.  The interior is levelled up and the walls rise a further 1.8m.  Owing to the ground sloping down to the north, the north-east corner is 2.3m tall on the outside.  The doorway is 0.94m wide between the stobs, which are 0.15m broad and 0.4m deep.  No lintel or inscriptions were observed.

G.B. Bailey, 2021